Facilities at Texas A&M AgriLife Foundation Seed
Texas A&M AgriLife Foundation Seed (TAFS) organization started back in the 1950s with a seed plant near Texas A&M University in College Station. Then in 1990, TAFS purchased an old seed conditioning facility and green house near Vernon, and 5 acres of land were donated by Pioneer, the original owners of the conditioning facility. A large warehouse was constructed and conditioning equipment was installed with funds provided by the Texas Wheat Producers Board, the E. Paul and Helen Buck Waggoner Foundation and the Vernon Industrial Foundation.


The operations of TAFS are conducted from a small office complex attached to the workshop building. Our computer systems are networked with the Texas A&M AgriLife Research Center in Vernon. We are fortunate in being a site for the evaluation of experimental hybrid hibiscus plants from a breeding program at the Texas A&M AgriLife Research Center in Vernon.


A well-equipped workshop facilitates on-site maintenance and repair of equipment, and provides a secure area for chemical storage, and a large general storage area. It houses a hammermill and an Eclipse seed cleaner for conditioning small quantities of seed harvested from experimental plots.


The coldroom houses breeder stock of various plant varieties and the more valuable inventory in order to maintain the germination potential of the seed.


The warehouse houses the small grains conditioning plant and has partitioned storage space to store loose seed or wrapped pallets of bagged seed ready for delivery.


A loading dock at the warehouse allows easy access to delivery trucks.


A fumigation chamber helps in quality maintenance of already bagged seed.


The warehouse also serves as a venue for field days.

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Local farmers are frequently contracted to grow foundation seed of the latest Texas A&M AgriLife wheat varieties. Harvesting is usually done by our staff using TAFS-owned equipment that has been thoroughly cleaned to maintain the high standards of purity required for foundation seed. TFSS owns a combine and a test plot harvester for small areas of experimental seed. The small grains conditioning plant housed in our warehouse allows for strict supervision of the foundation seed crop from planting through harvesting to conditioning, treating and bagging.

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