Processing Peanuts

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TAFS is a USDA buying point for foundation class peanuts grown locally under contract. Newly harvested farmer’s stock is run through a sand screen and cleaned of soil and other foreign matter. Then the peanuts are dried down if necessary until the moisture content is acceptable. After drawing samples from the farmer’s stock, the state inspector uses USDA-approved equipment to grade the seed peanuts. The resulting analysis for sound mature kernels, splits, foreign matter, moisture %, presence of aflatoxins, and freeze damage forms the basis of reports to the USDA, payments to the National Peanut Board, and payments to our contracted growers. The graded farmer’s stock is stored in separate partitions in the warehouse until it is taken by truck to a contracted sheller, where the seed peanuts are shelled, treated, and bagged for delivery to the licensed growers of those peanut varieties.

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