Contract Grower

Contract Seed Grower Information

Texas A&M AgriLife Foundation Seed (TAFS) sometimes needs Texas producers who are willing to work under the precise standards required to produce Foundation seed of many kinds throughout the state of Texas. Our mission is to produce seed at the highest standard of genetic purity, so we do require our growers to work under a very specific set of guidelines. If you have irrigated land, and are interested in producing Foundation seed of the following categories:  wheat, oats, barley, rye, peanuts, cotton, guar, cowpeas, millet, or forages, please contact us.

Some of the requirements that must be met are:

  1. Provide a crop history for the potential land for the past 5 years
  2. Must have irrigation available
  3. Must be located in areas of adaptability for the crop grown
  4. Must demonstrate excellent farming practices and a record of above average proven yields
  5. Land must be completely free of noxious weeds or any other potential contaminants
  6. Must clean all planting equipment prior to planting and equipment must be inspected by TAFS personnel
  7. Must abide by TAFS fertility and watering recommendations
  8. Must allow onsite inspection by TAFS personnel of growing crop and rouging of same at any time during the growing season
  9. Must clean harvesting equipment and allow inspection of equipment by TAFS personnel prior to harvest activity
  10. Seed must meet all quality standards for Foundation seed as set forth by the guidelines of the Texas Department of Agriculture.
  11. Seed must be delivered to TAFS facilities in Vernon, Texas or one of its designated delivery points across the state

Contract pricing is based on the commodity market price of produce grown and includes premiums, reduced price planting seed, and payment participation of harvest expense by TAFS. Quantities of crops grown are based on market demands, and not all crops are grown every year.

If you can meet these and other requirements and are interested in becoming a part of the TAFS team of contract growers, please contact TAFS by phone at 940-552-6226, by fax at 940-552-5524, or via email at for further details. We look forward to hearing from you.

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