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Where to buy Texas AgriLife plant varieties

The Texas Department of Agriculture (TDA), the seed certifying agency of the state of Texas, maintains a directory of growers who have made application for inspection and met all other requirements under the seed certification program. Read the 2009 Texas Certified Spring Seed Directory pdf file at the TDA website.

Inquiries or orders should be sent directly to the growers or seed dealers. Inquiries about Texas AgriLife [formerly TAES] varieties may also be made to Steve Brown, the Program Director at Texas Foundation seed.

If you cannot find a grower or seed dealer who can provide the seed or vegetative material you require, consult with a licensee of that particular variety. Licensees are listed in the  Plant Varieties Table.

If you are not sure what variety would suit your needs best, Steve Brown will be happy to assist you.


Where to buy USDA NRCS Plant Material

Texas Foundation Seed Service, in cooperation with USDA’s Plant Material Centers, markets USDA Select Germplasm Releases and Native Pasture Grasses and Forbes.

Contact Steve Brown if you would like to purchase any of this plant material.

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