Purchase Policy

Who may purchase seed from Texas Foundation Seed Service?

Any federal or state agency, seed company, or agricultural producer who is actively engaged in the production of certified, registered, or hybrid planting seeds, may purchase plant materials from a Texas AgriLife Research licensee according to their stipulations, and in some cases, from Texas Foundation Seed Service itself. All customers of Texas AgriLife plant varieties must participate in the certification programs in the state where the seed/ plant material is to be grown. All customers will be required to abide by all federal and state seed laws pertaining to the variety purchased, and will be required to abide by licensing agreements and royalty arrangements for the varieties purchased.

Failure to adhere to the above policy requirements may inhibit future purchases of any Texas AgriLife Research plant materials.

If you are not currently a Certified Seed Producer, and would like to participate in Certified Seed production in Texas, you may apply, at no cost, with the Texas Department of Agriculture Inspector for your area of the state. The inspector will assist you to become a certified seed grower.

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