Directions to TFSS from Amarillo

TFSS is near Lockett, Texas, almost 178 miles from Amarillo, and about 6 miles west of Vernon.

From Amarillo, head east on I-40 BL/Amarillo Blvd E/Old Route 66 toward US-87 S/N Pierce St.

Turn right onto N Pierce St/US-60 W/US-87 S/Old Route 66. Continue to follow US-60 W/US-87 S.

After 1.8 miles, merge onto I-40 E/US-287 S toward Oklahoma City/Fort Worth.

After 8.4 miles, merge onto US-287 S via EXIT 78 toward Fort Worth.

Travel 162.5 miles and then take the exit toward US-70 W/VERNON/US-287-BR/Paducah. Stay straight to go onto S FRONTAGE RD and then after 0.2 miles, with a Wal-Mart on the left, turn right under the overpass near the McDonalds arches onto College Dr/US-70 S toward Crowell/Plainview. At the four-way stop, go straight ahead. Go past Vernon College and head towards Crowell and Paducah.

You are about 6 miles from TFSS. Keep on US-70 S and go past the cemetery on the left, past a small aircraft repair operation with tall, white tanks on the right, and past Texas AgriLife Research and Extension Center on the right. The next entrance on the right is TFSS, between the 55 mph and the 45 mph speed limit signs. It has crepe myrtles down the driveway. There is a row of maroon peanut drying trailers set back in the field. If you reach the little town of Lockett, you have gone too far!

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