Arrowleaf Clover: Apache

APACHE ARROWLEAF CLOVER is a cross-pollinated, self-sterile, winter annual forage legume. This clover has been very important in forage systems across the southern region, including Texas. Virus diseases can severely reduce arrowleaf production and persistence, with bean yellow mosaic virus (BYMV) causing severe damage and being the most prevalent. BYMV is an aphid-transmitted potyvirus that infects a broad range of plants including 29 different clover species, with red clover and arrowleaf clover the two most economically important. ‘Apache’ was developed in the AgriLife Clover Breeding Program at Overton, Texas through seven cycles of selection for resistance to BYMV disease.

Main attributes of Apache Arrowleaf Clover:

  • Resistant to BYMV-induced lethal wilt
  • Tolerance to BYMV-induced dwarfing, leaf rugosity, leaf chlorosis and leaf mosaic
  • Improved field survival when infected with BYMV
  • Greater early spring forage production compared to ‘Yuchi’
  • Total season forage production greater of equal to ‘Yuchi’
  • Ten to fourteen days earlier flowering than ‘Yuchi’

Apache is covered under PVP and licensed under an exclusive agreement.

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