Barley: TAMBAR 501

TAMBAR 501 BARLEY was released by Texas AgriLife Research in August 2001, and is a feed-type barley that has a combination of high grain yield, early maturity, good winter hardiness, and good disease resistance. Tambar 501 has semi-prostrate early growth, and in grain yield tests over 4 years and 22 locations, has shown to be higher in grain yield and test weight than Post or Tambar 500. Similarly, winter hardiness for Tambar 501 when measured on a 0-to-5 scale (where 0 = no damage and 5 = plant death from cold damage) has averaged a 1.5 for Tambar 501 compared to a 2.5 rating for Post 90 and Tambar 500. Tambar 501 has expressed good tolerance to barley yellow dwarf virus, has shown resistance to leaf rust, and is moderately resistant to net blotch, spot blotch, and scald. U.S. Plant Variety Protection has been granted. Tambar 501 is a licensed product.


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