Bentgrass, creeping: 962

962 CREEPING BENTGRASS was developed at Texas AgriLife Research in Dallas. It has been bred to produce a healthy and deep root system to thrive under extreme conditions of heat and drought stress, even with significant stress in the summer. Although it is well adapted throughout normal areas of creeping bentgrass use, this bentgrass also has excellent cold tolerance and grows well in Canada and other colder than normal areas.

962 has demonstrated excellent resistance to summer stress related diseases such as pythium, brown patch, and other patch-type diseases. It also has good resistance to cold area diseases such as the snow molds and cool temperature brown patch. Resistance to dollar spot has ranged from resistant to susceptible, depending on the area and time of year.

962 has a medium dark green color, a finer leaf texture and an overall dense and attractive appearance. It is a multi-use creeping bentgrass, having been successfully used for green, tee and fairway use. It will tolerate the lowest putting green heights, but is excellent for tee and fairway use. It also resists ball mark damage.


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