Bentgrass, creeping: Cato

CATO CREEPING BENTGRASS, tested as Syn4-88 Creeping Bentgrass, comes from the Texas AgriLife Research breeding program in Dallas. It is a cool-season grass with a persistent, deep root system that during summer months provides improved tolerance to heat and drought stress. Cato has an erect growth habit, fine texture and dark green color, making it ideal for golf putting greens, fairway surfaces, tees and other areas where a high quality, closely mowed turf is desirable. Cato has good resistance to Dollar Spot, is moderately resistant to Pythium Blight, and shows excellent rate of recovery from Brown Patch.

Cato is adapted to most geographic regions where bentgrasses have been traditionally used, but also performs well in the southern United States which previously has been a marginal area for bentgrasses.


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