Bentgrass, creeping: Century

CENTURY CREEPING BENTGRASS, tested as Syn 92-1 Creeping Bentgrass, comes from the Texas AgriLife Research breeding program in Dallas, with selections being made for uniformity in plant type and leaf color. Century has upright growth and a very fine leaf texture with a pleasing blue color that holds through the cooler seasons. While maintaining the cold hardy characteristics of creeping bentgrasses, Century can tolerate extreme heat in summer. Foliar growth continues at 85 – 90oF under full maintenance care, and the roots show heat tolerance at 110oF. Century has shown good tolerance to brown patch.

Century can be used on golf greens, tees, and fairways, grass court tennis, bocci ball, or croquet courts in high maintenance sports turf applications. It rates among the best in overall turfgrass quality in putting green trials, with improved turf density in all seasonal conditions. Century has improved wear tolerance, has a fast establishment rate, and very good seedling vigor.


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