Bentgrass, creeping: Crenshaw

CRENSHAW CREEPING BENTGRASS, tested as SYN3-88, was developed in cooperation with turf scientists at Texas AgriLife Research in Dallas. The variety was named after Ben Crenshaw, a Texas native with a keen interest in the development of improved grasses. The primary objective was the development of a bentgrass better adapted to extreme environmental conditions, especially extreme heat, reduced moisture needs, traffic tolerance, and insect and disease resistance.

Crenshaw performance characteristics include: exceptional heat tolerance, bright green turf color, dense fine textured turf, aggressive vertical growth, excellent brown patch resistance, good establishment, produces less grain and resists spike marks.

The improved heat and desiccation tolerance are due to the improved sward density and deeper, more prolific root system. Because of its extreme heat tolerance, Crenshaw is one of the leading bentgrasses in the transitional regions and southern states. Crenshaw is recommended primarily for use on golf course greens because it produces one of the smoothest putting surfaces available, even in the most intense heat. It is also good for low height of cut (LHC) lawn surfaces, tees and fairways, croquet and tennis courts and bowling tops.


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