Bluegrass, Texas: Tejas

TEJAS TEXAS BLUEGRASS (Poa arachnifera), tested as Syn 1, is characterized as a highly rhizomatous, dioecious, perennial cool-season grass native to southern Kansas, Oklahoma, western Arkansas, and most of Texas. Tejas Texas Bluegrass has a very broad genetic base. It consists of 25 different plants from 10 different ecotypes that were collected in 7 different Texas counties and evaluated at the Texas A&M Research and Extension Center at Dallas. Tejas has been evaluated for forage yields at Dallas, Temple, Overton, Stephenville, and the Red River Station of the Noble Foundation. Tejas has had yields averaging from 2 tons to 2.5 tons of dry matter per year and has stand survival better than crested wheatgrass, Indian ricegrass, Matua prairiegrass, pubescent wheatgrass, Russian wildrye, several tall fescues, tall wheatgrass, and smooth bromegrass. As a turfgrass, it has acceptable turf quality and can equal Reveille during late summer. Applicable plant patents and/or PVP have been applied for Tejas. This variety is available for licensing.


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