Buffalograss: Prairie

PRAIRIE BUFFALOGRASS is a female cultivar of the species Buchloe dactyloides, selected for its turf-type characteristics. It is noted for its naturalizing appearance, yet produces a thick turf carpet. Prairie Buffalograss spreads faster, is denser, and creates a more uniform quality turf than other commercially available seeded Buffalograss cultivars. As a female selection, the low-growing Prairie Buffalograss produces no pollen or seed heads, so frequent mowing is unnecessary unless a tightly cropped appearance is desired. The light green, dense and fine textured stoloniferous turf is propagated vegetatively by turf or plugs.

As a native warm season grass with an adaptability range running from Mexico to Canada, Buffalograss is popular because of its low water requirement. The grass should be grown in full sun with little watering and fertilizing. Although adaptable to a wide geographical region, Prairie buffalograss performs best in tight or clay type soils. Prairie Buffalograss is fine bladed, soft and cuts easily without clogging mowers or creating thatch. Weeds can be an issue if managed improperly.


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