Bundleflower: BeeWild™


Bundleflower is an herbaceous perennial legume, which grows to 6 to 12 feet tall depending on planting date and environmental conditions. As these plants mature, they tend to become woody on the basal part of the main stems. They have white flowers and pinnately compound leaves. The flowers bear multiple straight or nearly straight pods with several seeds per pod.

“BeeWild” is a trademark of Texas AgriLife Research and is a blend of BeeTAM- 06, -08, -37, and -57, from Bundleflower lines (Desmanthus virgatus and D. subulatus). BeeTAM-06, -08, -37, and -57, are four lines of Bundleflower that have been developed at TAES-Beeville. Each line was first evaluated in 1992 or 1993 at Beeville. The characteristic that distinguishes the 4 lines is flowering and seed maturity differences, seed size differences, and with minimal differences in plant character, except that BeeTAM-57 is not only the earliest to flower, with the largest seed, it also has a somewhat unique degree of woodiness – the main stem is larger in diameter and has fewer branches. BeeTAM-06 and BeeTAM-08 have seed about half the size of BeeTAM-57, whereas BeeTAM-37 has seed that is intermediate in size to that of BeeTAM-57 and the BeeTAM-06 and BeeTAM-08 set. BeeTAM-57 tends to be a bit taller than the other three lines. BeeTAM-06 and BeeTAM-08 are different, but their plant characteristics are quite similar. In field evaluations, the BeeTAM-06 and BeeTAM-08 tend to perform differently on different soils, making the need to keep both lines in the blend that is marketed as “BeeWild” There are observed differences in adaptation to rainfall differences and to winter freeze tolerances, another reason to keep all four lines in the BeeWild blend.

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