Golden Eye Cream Pea

GOLDEN EYE CREAM PEA is a unique large-seeded browneye that at the fresh pick stage appears to be a very large cream-type pea. It is relatively early with bloom about 44 days after planting and fresh-pick stage 4-5 days later. Golden Eye Cream has an erect, high-bush plant type and grows to about 50 cm. Stems and nodes are green and leaves are light green with a slightly wavy surface. Flowers are white. The long (21 cm.) straight, slightly constricted, dull, silver-green pods are borne on peduncles mostly above the foliage and are straw colored when dry. The dry seed are slightly wrinkled, slightly kidney to ovate shaped, with white being the primary color. The hiler eye is medium-small, buff or clay color, and incomplete. There is a coffee colored hilum ring. Golden Eye Cream has been observed to be susceptible to xanthamonas and cercospora leaf spot. Golden Eye Cream is currently available for licensing from the Office of Technology Commercialization at Texas A&M University. Golden Eye Cream is protected by PVP title V and may only be produced and sold for planting purposes as a class of certified seed.

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