Oats: TAMO 397

TAMO 397 OAT was released in 1997 by the Texas AgriLife Research. TAMO 397 had the best crown rust and stem rust resistance of any available variety. Crown rust and stem rust are frequently damaging in the area south of the College Station-Austin line. This variety has performed particularly well in this area. With excellent rust resistance, TAMO 397 shows higher test weights and forage yields. TAMO 397 has excellent straw strength and stands very well despite its tall height, making TAMO 397 desirable for producing oat hay or oat silage. TAMO 397 is adapted to all areas south of Waco, Texas. TAMO 397, with its excellent rust resistance is the best oat for the Gulf Coast and central areas of Texas where crown and stem rust have been a problem. TAMO 397 is protected under the Plant Variety Protection Act, and must be sold in certified classes of seed only.


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