Oats: TAMO 606

TAMO 606 OAT is a high grain and forage producing winter oat cultivar that is adapted to North Texas and similar areas in adjacent states. The grain test is very good, averaging 34lb/bu throughout most of the testing areas in the USA, and over 36lb/bu in North Texas. TAMO 606 is moderately short in height, with very little lodging and has a good record of forage production in Texas and Oklahoma. It tends to be later maturing than prevalent varieties grown in North Texas and has shown a yield advantage when environmental conditions allow a longer growing season. TAMO 606 oat has good winter hardiness, similar to Dallas oat. TAMO 606 has good crown rust resistance, but is susceptible to stem rust. TAMO 606 should not be grown in areas prone to severe crown rust epidemics, such as South Texas. The area of adaptation for TAMO 606 is north of interstate 10 to southern Oklahoma. TAMO 606 oat is protected under Title V of the U.S. Plant Variety Protection Act. Seed of TAMO 606 may be sold only by variety name as a class of certified seed.


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