OLin PEANUT is named for the late TAES Peanut Breeder Olin Smith and was released in March of 2002. Dr. Smith was instrumental in the development of many new peanut varieties adapted to the Southwest US. OLin is a Spanish peanut that has an elevated O/L FFA (free fatty acid) content. OLin has an erect growth habit with sequential branching and flowers on the mainstem. Mature plants will have main secondary lateral branches (9+), originating at the basal nodes. The leaf size and plant color are similar to Tamspan 90, but slightly smaller in overall height. This is difficult to determine without side-by-side comparisons. Pod and seed size are slightly smaller than Tamspan 90, and occasional three seeded pods occur. The yield of OLin will be slightly less than Tamspan 90, but grades (TSMK) will be slightly higher.

Application for Plant Variety Protection with the Title V option has been granted and requires that the seed be sold in certified classes only. Seed is available from the Texas Foundation Seed Service through a non-exclusive royalty bearing licensing agreement. Licensees will also be required to have on file a licensing agreement with the University of Florida Research Foundation, the holder of multiple patents for the High O/L gene contained in OLin.


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