Ryegrass, Annual: Axcella 2

AXCELLA 2 TURF-TYPE ANNUAL RYEGRASS is the second generation of commercially available turf-type annual ryegrass. It was developed from unique dwarf annual ryegrass plants that exhibit high tiller density, narrower leaf blades, less vertical leaf growth, and a darker green leaf color than standard annual ryegrass cultivars. Axcella 2 exhibits strong seedling vigor for a weed-free turf and requires less pesticide use. Axcella 2 was developed originally for winter overseeding of dormant bermudagrass turf where rapid spring transition is desired. It can be seeded in the fall by itself as a quick cover where adequate turf is needed on very short notice, or it can be used in mixtures with perennial ryegrass to provide quick cover. Axcella 2 dies out after the first winter, while the perennial ryegrass persists for permanent turf. Axcella 2 has similar, or better, overseeded turf quality than most intermediate ryegrasses in ½ inch cut fairway trials.


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