Ryegrass, Annual: TAMTBO

TAMTBO RYEGRASS is a forage-type annual ryegrass (Lolium multiflorum Lam.) developed by Texas AgriLife Research. It is a tetraploid where 4n = 4x = 28 chromosomes. It is the first tetraploid ryegrass released by Texas AgriLife Research and has a ploidy level of 100%. This variety was developed in the ryegrass breeding program at Overton for high forage production in East Texas, the Deep South and Mid South of the USA. It has been evaluated in forage trials at Overton and Beaumont, as well as in official state experiment station forage trials in Mississippi, Alabama, Georgia and Florida. TAMTBO can be overseeded on warm season perennial pastures, or drilled into prepared seedbeds in the autumn.

Main attributes:

  • Large plant stature compared to diploid cultivars provides high forage yield potential
  • Good crown rust resistance
  • Wide range in adaptability across southern USA
  • Has wider leaves than TAM 90 and Gulf

This variety is under exclusive license and is protected by PVP.


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