TAMNUT OL06 PEANUT is a large seeded Spanish peanut that has the high O/L genes and is high yielding. It has been determined that a high oleic acid to linoleic acid ratio (O/L) in peanut imparts desirable traits into the peanut after it is roasted. Desirable attributes include longer shelf life of products, including peanut butter, peanut candies, and roasted peanuts in and out of the shell. Also, there are definite health benefits from eating such products, i.e., more mono- and poly-unsaturated fat in the diet. The objective in releasing this variety is to provide the peanut grower of Texas and especially West Texas with a peanut that matures 2 to 3 weeks earlier than the runner variety “Florunner” while maintaining similar runner seed characteristics such as seed size distribution, shape, and uniformity. Tamnut OL06 also has disease resistance similar to “Tamspan 90” which includes some resistance to Sclerotinia minor Jaggar.

Plants of Tamnut OL06 are essentially the same size as Tamspan 90, with upright growth habit and a mainstem that is not prominent. Leaf color is slightly lighter green the OLin. Pods are mostly two seeded with less than one percent three seeded. The seed are light pink in color in the raw state and light brown when roasted. Seeds are generally rounded, typical of the Spanish type, but many of the seeds have a small flat surface where the two seeds of a pod touch. Pod and seed measurements of Tamnut OL06 show that the variety is significantly larger than Tamspan 90 and OLin. Seed size is similar to the runner variety Florunner. Data from 11 tests over a four-year period indicates that yields of Tamnut OL06 are similar to Tamspan 90 and greater than OLin.

Application for Plant Variety Protection with the Title V option has been made and requires that the seed be sold in certified classes only. Foundation seed is available through the Texas Foundation Seed Service through a non-exclusive royalty bearing licensing agreement. Licensees will also be required to have on file a licensing agreement with the University of Florida Research Foundation, the holder of multiple patents for the High O/L gene contained in Tamnut OL06.


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