TAMRUN OL01 PEANUT was released in 2002. Tamrun OL01 is a runner type peanut with large vines and a dark green color. The plants are not as large as Tamrun 96, but are larger than Florunner. In a thick planting (more than 2 seed per foot of row) the main stem is not highly prominent, but is visible. The plant color is a slightly darker green than Florunner, but is discernable only when the varieties are growing side by side. There is less than 1% variegated plants and less than 1% has an erect appearance in a thick planting. The pods and seed are much larger than Florunner and a little larger than Tamrun 96. The seed weighs approximately 70g per 100 seed. The data on oil analyses indicates that the line has a high O/L ratio. Average O/L to date and run about 27:1. Maturity range is approximately equal to Florunner. Occasional seed that have a split seed coat are present, less than 1%. Disease resistances have been near equal to Tamrun 96. Plant Variety Protection certificate with the Title V option has been granted and requires that the seed be sold in certified classes only.

Foundation seed has been available through Texas Foundation Seed Service through a non-exclusive royalty bearing licensing agreement. Licensees are also required to have on file a licensing agreement with the University of Florida Research Foundation, the holder of multiple patents for the High O/L gene contained in Tamrun OL01.


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