TAMRUN OL02 PEANUT is a high O/L runner peanut that has excellent yield and grade potential and some of the disease tolerance that is found in Tamrun 96, Tamrun OL02 is a sister line to Tamrun OL01 but it has a smaller seed that is more typical of runner cultivars such as Tamrun 96. Tamrun OL02 also has lower sugar content than Tamrun OL01. The objective in releasing Tamrun OL02 is to provide the peanut growers of Texas, and especially West Texas, a runner variety which has high O/L and some ability to withstand effects of soil borne diseases and tomato spotted wilt virus, but with a smaller seed size and lower sugar content than Tamrun OL01.

It has been determined that a high oleic acid to linoleic acid ratio (O/L) in peanut (and other crops) imparts desirable traits into the peanut (and other crops) after it is roasted. Desirable attributes include longer shelf life of products, including peanut butter, peanut candies, and roasted peanuts in and out of the shell. There are health benefits from eating more mono- and poly-unsaturated fat in the diet.

Application for Plant Variety Protection with the Title V option has been granted and requires that the seed be sold in certified classes only. Foundation seed has been available through Texas Foundation Seed Service through a non-exclusive royalty bearing licensing agreement. Licensees are also required to have on file a licensing agreement with the University of Florida Research Foundation, the holder of multiple patents for the High O/L gene contained in Tamrun OL02.


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