Texas Pinkeye Purple Hull Cowpea

TEXAS PINKEYE PURPLE HULL COWPEA, a variety of Vigna unguiculata, is an erect bush-type southern pea. The tall bush-type plant produces heavy yields of green and purple pods when immature, with the pods turning purple when mature. The cream colored peas have a bright pink eye. This variety has no runners and has some insect and disease resistance. It will produce equal or greater yield than other pinkeye varieties because it can be planted in narrow rows or in a twin-row planting pattern. Processors consider the Texas Pinkeye to have excellent canning and freezing qualities. It is also an excellent drying variety. Texas Pinkeye has an average tolerance to diseases and insects, but has exhibited resistance or immunity to various strains of blackeye cowpea mosaic virus and root knot incited by the Meloidogyne incognita race. Texas Pinkeye shows equal or superior performance to other pinkeye varieties in several locations in Texas and throughout the southeastern U.S., but does especially well in the Rio Grande Valley of Texas. This variety is protected under PVP title V. Licensing opportunities are available through the Office of Technology Commercialization.


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