Triticale: TAMcale 6331

TAMcale 5019 WINTER TRITICALE and TAMcale 6331 WINTER TRITICALE are dual purpose winter triticale varieties that were developed at Texas AgriLife Research in Vernon. They were both released in 2004. Their primary use is as a winter forage crop in winter cereal production systems in Texas and similar areas in adjacent states. Forage yield and disease resistance is excellent. Grain yield and test weight has been above average in comparison to other triticale varieties, especially when subjected to high temperatures during grain fill. TAMcale 5019 is very similar to TAMcale 6331 but TAMcale 5019 tends to have slightly more fall forage production, while TAMcale 6331 tends to have slightly more spring forage production. Both TAMcale 5019 and TAMcale 6331 have been exclusively licensed, and both are protected by PVP.


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