Wheat: Sturdy 2K

Sturdy 2K WHEAT is a hard red winter, semidwarf wheat, having strong straw, resistance to shattering, durable leaf rust resistance, and very good forage production. Sturdy 2K was developed by Texas AgriLife Research – Dallas from a selection out of Sturdy, a variety released for production in Texas in 1966. The original Sturdy was the first semidwarf, hard red winter wheat available for growers in the United States. At the time of its release from Texas AgriLife Research – Amarillo, Sturdy was heterogeneous for resistance to leaf rust. Scientists at Texas AgriLife Research – Dallas selected and purified individual lines from Sturdy specifically having genes for long-lasting leaf rust resistance. Sturdy 2K is not immune to leaf rust, rather leaf rust can only grow very slowly on Sturdy 2K seldom if ever reaching damaging levels. Sturdy 2K has very good hard red wheat quality and is adapted to all wheat growing regions of Texas, with the exception of far, southeast Texas, where the variety may not vernalize properly. Sturdy 2K is a licensed variety and has been submitted to the PVP office for protection under PVP title V.


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