Wheat: TAM 111

TAM 111 WHEAT is a high yielding, white-chaffed, hard red winter wheat variety, released by Texas AgriLife Research in 2002. It has tall stature for a semi-dwarf variety, which in combination with excellent drought resistance makes it well suited to dryland production on the High Plains of Texas and north through the wheat belt of Kansas. It also has a strong irrigated yield record, and is unlikely to lodge or shatter. Thus it is also a good choice for irrigated production, but should not be grown where leaf rust is a likely production constraint. Its medium maturity makes it less susceptible to late spring freezes than other popular cultivars of the time, such as TAM 110 and Jagger. Grain processing attributes of TAM 111 are generally superior to those of previous popular varieties released by Texas AgriLife Research.

TAM 111 is moderately resistant to wheat streak mosaic virus and barley yellow dwarf virus, and resistant to stripe rust. TAM 111 exhibits susceptible reactions to greenbug, Russian wheat aphid and Hessian fly. While it possesses leaf rust resistance genes, leaf rust races that are prevalent in the southern Great Plains have overcome these. TAM 111 is protected under Title V of the U.S. Plant Variety Protection Act. Seed of TAM 111 may be sold only by variety name as a class of certified seed.


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