Wheat: TAM 303

TAM 303 WHEAT is an early maturing, awned, semi-dwarf hard red winter wheat variety with red chaff. It is medium height and medium maturing, compared to commonly grown hard winter wheat cultivars. It has been extensively tested throughout Texas, the Great Plains, and the eastern US and has proved to be high yielding across a wide range of environments. TAM 303 produces high grain yields in its primary production zones, which include the southern Great Plains of the US. Test weight is greater than TAM 302 but is lower than most currently grown hard winter wheat varieties. It is particularly suited for the Texas Blacklands because of foliar disease resistance. It is highly resistant to leaf rust and powdery mildew and moderately resistant to stripe rust. It shows moderate resistance to wheat soil-borne mosaic virus and wheat streak mosaic virus. Test weight is medium and milling and baking characteristics are considered adequate. TAM 303 wheat was approved for PVP certification in 2006.


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