Wheat: TAM 304

TAM 304 WHEAT is a medium-early hard red winter wheat. It is a great dryland or semi-irrigated wheat. TAM 304 performs best under adequate rainfall, limited irrigation, or irrigation, but does not perform as well under extended drought. TAM 304 performs exceptionally well under foliar disease pressure, such as in Blacklands and South Central Texas. It has excellent leaf rust resistance, is moderately susceptible to stripe rust, and has resistance to the most prevalent stem rust race (TPMK).

It appears to have a wide area of adaptation. Across multiple locations and 4 years, TAM 304 was one of the highest yielding entries in High Plains Irrigated, Rolling Plains, Blacklands, and South Central Texas. It was average yielding in High Plains Dryland trials. TAM 304 withstands grazing and can be used in a dual-purpose system. Forage production is similar to other currently grown wheat cultivars.

Primary features:

  • Good winter wheat quality
  • Texas Blacklands and South Central adaptation
  • Excellent grain yield potential
  • Short stature and strong straw
  • Resistance to shattering
  • Good bread-making quality
  • Leaf rust resistant

TAM 304 has been exclusively licensed and application for Plant Variety Protection has been filed.


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