Zoysiagrass: Cavalier

CAVALIER ZOYSIAGRASS is a vegetatively-produced, fine-textured high density turf, with long, slender leaves noted specifically for high quality, uniformity of appearance and distinct summer presentation. Cavalier has excellent shade tolerance, moderate to low water use and good salt tolerance.  Cavalier is suitable for sports fields, golf course fairways, tee boxes and home lawns. It was specifically adapted for use in the mid-west, the transition zone and throughout the southern US.  Cavalier can be established from plugs, sprigs, or as solid sod. Cavalier is considered intermediate in irrigation requirements and will require weekly irrigation during prolonged dry periods. The limitations of Cavalier include a tendency to thatch under high fertility, moderate susceptibility to Brown patch, and it is susceptible to zoysiagrass mite. It is resistant to tropical sod webworm, fall armyworm, and tawny mole cricket. It is also resistant to Pythium blight. Cavalier zoysiagrass is covered by an exclusive license agreement in Texas and other states.  Licenses for some territories are available. This grass is protected by a Plant Patent.


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