Zoysiagrass: Crowne

CROWNE ZOYSIAGRASS is a coarse-textured vegetatively produced zoysia developed for the hot dry summers of the southern mid-west, yet well adapted for use in the upper mid-west with its excellent cold hardiness. Crowne is noted for its drought tolerance, low water use, rapid recuperative ability and excellent competition against weed invasion. Crowne is suitable as a warm season turfgrass for golf course roughs, home lawns, industrial parks, and highway right-of-ways throughout the central mid-western states. Crowne is classified as having low irrigation needs, requiring 1-2 deep irrigations per month during dry periods. Higher irrigation frequency will provide excellent quality turf, but may also demand additional fertilization. Crowne was developed as a cold hardy, warm season grass with reasonable shade tolerance and low water use for most Texas Lawns, especially in areas where water restrictions are frequently imposed. This product is covered by an exclusive license agreement in Texas and other states. Licenses for some territories are available. This grass is protected by a Plant Patent.


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