Zoysiagrass: Diamond

DIAMOND ZOYSIAGRASS is a fine textured, high density vegetatively-propagated zoysia designed for use ‘tee to green’ on golf courses, and generally high maintenance turf areas desiring special appeal.  As recently as 2008-2009, Diamond has been established on many golf greens.  Reports from superintendents indicate that maintenance costs are as little as 30% of expectations for more traditional greens surfaces.  Its best use will be in the southern transition zone of the United States, Caribbean and sub-tropical and tropical areas.  Diamond has superior shade and salinity tolerance with good resistance to the tawny mole cricket and fall armyworm.  Diamond is grown from sprigs or stolons and covers relatively slowly.  It may take as long as 12 to 15 months to establish completely.  The fine texture, excellent sod strength, and excellent salinity tolerance makes Diamond an ideal candidate for use in areas where brackish and effluent waters are being used.  This product is covered under multiple license agreements.  Licenses for some territories are available. This grass is protected by a Plant Patent.


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