Zoysiagrass: Royal

ROYAL ZOYSIAGRASS is a Zoysia matrella hybrid that is vegetatively propagated and genetically stable and uniform. Royal is distinguished from other zoysiagrasses by its fine texture, high rhizome and tiller density, excellent salt tolerance, shade tolerance, and rapid regrowth and rapid recovery from damage. Royal tolerates close and frequent mowing, suggesting a potential commercial value as turf for golf course fairways, tee boxes and green surrounds under either full sun or moderate shade. Royal generally has sufficient winter hardiness to be used in open areas across the mid-transition states. Royal has good defensive traits. While it lacks resistance to fall armyworm and tawny mole cricket, it is highly tolerant to zoysiagrass mite and is moderately tolerant to tropical sod webworm. It also has good resistance to Rhizoctonia solani blight disease. Other merits of Royal include excellent fall color retention, good genetic color, and early spring green up. This grass is under exclusive license in several states and is protected by a Plant Patent.


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