Zoysiagrass: Zorro

ZORRO ZOYSIAGRASS is a fine textured vegetatively propagated clone of a Z. matrella seedling and is noted specifically for its good tolerance to low light conditions, high turf quality, rapid recuperative ability and resistance to several insect, mite, and disease pests. Texas AgriLife Research released Zorro in May of 2002. Zorro tolerates close and frequent mowing and will be suitable for use as a warm-season turf for sports fields, buffer surrounds for bentgrass greens, tee boxes and fairways on golf courses and residential and industrial lawns under either full sun or moderate to heavy shade across the southern United States. It has sufficient winter hardiness to be used in open areas south of the Missouri River Valley and the Appalachian Mountain Range. Zorro is noted for its excellent salt tolerance, its ability to cope with temperature extremes and its low fertility and moisture requirements. Zorro will be especially suited in sunny or shaded areas where rust, yellow patch, brown patch, billbugs, and fall armyworms are a problem. Zorro is a fine textured, highly rhizomatous, vegetatively propagated, zoysiagrass with excellent turf quality. This grass is protected by a Plant Patent.


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