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Texas Blackeye 2010 Cowpea

Texas Blackeye 2010 (TXBE2010) cowpea resulted from a cross made at Texas A&M University between California Blackeye 46 (CBE46) and an early maturing Texas breeding line, TX128BE. TXBE2010 has high, bush-type plant architecture, with straw-colored pods scattered at or above the foliage. The smooth-coated seed are slightly smaller than those of BE46 (21.7g/100 seed for CBE46 vs 19.1g/100 seed for TXBE2010) with slightly smaller eyes. Bloom date is comparable to CBE46 (42 DAP vs 40 DAP); however, for fresh harvest maturity date (> 50% of pods are dry), TXBE2010 is earlier than CBE46 (56 DAP vs ~70 DAP). TXBE2010 has produced significantly higher yields under West Texas conditions than CBE46. TXBE2010 appears to be susceptible to xanthamonas. Canned sensory evaluations have been excellent for TXBE2010.


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